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AED 30.00
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This luxurious and aromatic scent opens on top notes of incense, fresh notes, cinnamon, cardamom and star anise, then moves towards its woody-ambery heart notes which include coconut, iris and rose. A fascinating natural aroma inspires you every time..

DAN DANA Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
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The heart of the perfume pays tribute to the classic oud instrument with a woody and spicy accord. Layered in delicate, citrusy tunes, this fragrance opens with lavender, bergamot, grapefruit, and juniper berries. Cedarwood, violet leaves, and leathe..

Desert Leather 100ml Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
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From the Nabeel Trendy Collection, Desert Leather is a fragrance that fills the air with its unspoken charm and mystery. Oozing with exoticism and eroticism, this perfume is a powerful, audacious scent that’s inspired by the Arabian NightsThe essence..

MA'ALAINA Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
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Ma 'Alaina has a distinctive and passionate aroma, which will take you to a perfumery of contrasts. Fruity-floral top notes combine with floral heart notes and masculine base notes, which bring out their strength through rich precious woods and an ea..


AED 30.00
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Majestic and noble, Oud Cafu sings with the pride of achievement. With notes of wood, floral and oriental, and a very recognizable touch of citrus. The notes of apple, pineapple, and lime create an atmosphere of freshness, while its heart has solid a..


AED 30.00
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The beautiful, splendid, and bright Raunaq is a floral perfume that opens with a bright citrus accord. As its heart unfolds, an exotic eucalyptus note mingles with scents of ylang-ylang and cypriol to create a vibrant floral medley. The base of cedar..

Nabeel 50ml Spray Perfume

AED 37.00
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The fragrance of the orient is one that tells you tales of royalty, beauty, and magic. Now, Nabeel perfumes present to you a fragrance that bottles the essence of the orient for all of eternity, ready to be spritzed on and reveled in, ready to make t..

Habibi Lil Abad Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
Orders (36)

This scent is meant to evoke the nature of the love that exists in legends. With sensual notes of rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and patchouli, this fragrance is held in a simple bottle and encased within a golden box.Fragrance NotesTOP NOTES: Lemon, Ora..

Dahn Al Oud 100ml Spray Perfume

AED 30.00
Orders (32)

Framed by the setting sun, the woods call out to you. The spicy flavors of cloves and sandalwood enchant you, leaves glistening with evening dew, as you breathe in the sweet scents of the Ylang-ylang and jasmine.The fragrance is presented in a bottle..

Al Sharqia

AED 30.00
Orders (8)

Discover the irresistible wonders of the East, learn the secrets of the natural world, and become one with the universe. This cheap perfume is an envoy of the East, embodying the ideals of a diverse culture. Al Sharqia is distilled from floral scents..


AED 30.00
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From out of the pages of legends stands Antar the warrior, tall and proud, indomitable and wise, serving as inspiration to millions. The unisex fragrance blends oriental and woody flavours with hints of apple, saffron and lavender with the bold influ..

Habibi Daeeman

AED 30.00
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Enraptured by memories of first love, experience the essence of the greatest of love stories with the Habibi Daeeman. The unisex fragrance is blended from a balance of floral and spicy notes with apple, pepper, lily of the valley contrasting with aga..

Gold 24k

AED 30.00
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Feel the touch of a fragrance so luxurious, it rivals liquid gold in its elegance. The fragrance possesses an unparalleled purity, priceless beyond description. Gold 24K is distilled from the fruity flavors of apricot and orange and blended with the ..

Khamis Al Uns

AED 30.00
Orders (17)

Liberate your mind and body with the sheer joy of unbridled freedom. Run, leap and fly as you break barriers, experiencing the best the world has to offer. The fragrance is a floral-woody blend of coconut, raspberry, and iris with patchouli and vanil..

Dahn Al Oud Amiri

AED 30.00
Orders (15)

A weary traveler was once captured by a desert sprite that refused to let him go. But there was a loophole of course that would grant the traveler his freedom. If the traveler could present the whole of Arabia in the sprite’s palm, he would have his ..