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Assorted Smart Bakhoor

AED 90.00
Orders (52)

Contains:Smart Bakhoor Fakhar Al Nabeel 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Sa'ada 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Tawasul 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Khayali 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Habibi Lil Abad 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Kanz 35g - 2 pcs..

Smart Bakhoor Fakhar Al Nabeel

AED 9.99
Orders (15)

This leathery fragrance celebrates your individuality, staying true to who you are with every breath. This exotic scent is crafted from a fusion of notes that include a sultry, aromatic, intense, and fresh appeal. The incense softly rises in the air ..

Smart Bakhoor Kanz

AED 9.99
Orders (4)

In the vast, infinite realms of the universe, there are bounties of treasure that still remain untouched and unexplored. The alluring scent of this bakhoor captures the essence of this treasure and compels you to unearth this exquisite fragrance. The..

Smart Bakhoor Sa’ada

AED 9.99
Orders (8)

Like the first whiff of a salty breeze that whisks you away, this bakhoor represents the pure, unadulterated version of happiness. As the incense emanates all around, the sultry marine notes cast a bewitching spell, bequeathing a distinct personality..

Smart Bakhoor Tawasul

AED 9.99
Orders (14)

The most beautiful part of a conversation is the silence—the unspoken words that keep you entangled from the beginning. As you cherish those simple pauses and intervals, you are also reminded of the mystical, rhapsodic, and unspoken conversations tha..

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