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Assorted Smart Bakhoor

AED 90.00
Orders (52)

Contains:Smart Bakhoor Fakhar Al Nabeel 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Sa'ada 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Tawasul 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Khayali 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Habibi Lil Abad 35g - 2 pcsSmart Bakhoor Kanz 35g - 2 pcs..

Bakhoor Jannet El Baqui

AED 8.00
Orders (46)

Fragrance NotesTop Notes: Elemi, Rhubarb Leaves, Clove, Fresh Aldehydes.Middle Notes: Violet, Oud, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli.Base Notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vetiver.Olfactive Families: Floral - Woody - Aldehydic.Packaging DetailsQty/Carto..

Mini Bakhoor Baher 36gms Incense

AED 9.00
Orders (21)

Fragrance NotesTOP NOTES: Neroli, Peach, CloveMIDDLE NOTES: Orange Blossom, Tuberose, JasmineBASE NOTES: Musk, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, AmberOLFACTIVE FAMILY: FLORAL - MUSKYPackaging DetailsQty/Carton: 8 dozenCarton Dimension: 510x360x270mmCarton Weight:..

Mini Bakhoor Tajebni Incense

AED 40.00
Orders (8)

Fragrance Notes Top Notes : Saffron, Labdanum, Lemon Middle Notes : Lavender, Nagarmotha, Elemi Base Notes : Sandalwood, Guaiacwood, Caramel Olfactive Family : Oriental-Woody..

Mini Bakhoor Wadeema Incense

AED 40.00
Orders (19)

Fragrance Notes  TOP NOTES :  Cypress, Tagete, Saffron, Rosemary.MIDDLE NOTES :  Sandalwood, Copaiba, Nagarmotha.BASE NOTES :  White Musk, Agarwood, PatchouliOLFACTIVE FAMILY :  Oriental-Woody..

Smart Bakhoor Fakhar Al Nabeel

AED 9.99
Orders (15)

This leathery fragrance celebrates your individuality, staying true to who you are with every breath. This exotic scent is crafted from a fusion of notes that include a sultry, aromatic, intense, and fresh appeal. The incense softly rises in the air ..

Smart Bakhoor Kanz

AED 9.99
Orders (4)

In the vast, infinite realms of the universe, there are bounties of treasure that still remain untouched and unexplored. The alluring scent of this bakhoor captures the essence of this treasure and compels you to unearth this exquisite fragrance. The..

Smart Bakhoor Sa’ada

AED 9.99
Orders (8)

Like the first whiff of a salty breeze that whisks you away, this bakhoor represents the pure, unadulterated version of happiness. As the incense emanates all around, the sultry marine notes cast a bewitching spell, bequeathing a distinct personality..

Smart Bakhoor Tawasul

AED 9.99
Orders (14)

The most beautiful part of a conversation is the silence—the unspoken words that keep you entangled from the beginning. As you cherish those simple pauses and intervals, you are also reminded of the mystical, rhapsodic, and unspoken conversations tha..

Mini Bakhoor Khawatir Incense

AED 40.00
Orders (57)

Fragrance NotesTOP NOTES: Lemon, Orange, Jasmine.MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood.BASE NOTES : Vanilla, White Musk.Olfactive Family: Floral - Boisey..

Bakhoor Marble

AED 16.00
Orders (75)

Fragrance NotesTOP NOTES: Citruses, Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple, RoseMIDDLE NOTES: Oudh, Coriander, Amyris, Jasmine, Patchouli, Birch, JuniperBASE NOTES: Musk, Leather, Mosses, Tree Moss, Amber, Vanilla BerriesOLFACTIVE FAMILY: Oriental ..

Bakhoor Nasaem Incense

AED 15.00
Orders (83)

A beautiful smelling popular bakhoor, gentle to burn and slow to release the Nasaem bakhoor fragrance. Bakhoor Nasaem is a premium quality oriental Oudh incense bar.Fragrance NotesTop Notes:  Aldehyde, Pineapple, Plum, Terragon, Lime, Bergamot, ..

Bakhoor Makh Makh

AED 15.00
Orders (7)

Fragrance Notes TOP NOTES: Orange, Aldehydes, Lavender, Saffron, Rose MIDDLE NOTES: Geranium, Gurjum, Cedar BASE NOTES: Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Patchouli OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral - Oriental..

Bakhoor Rose

AED 150.00
Orders (4)

A symbol of love, the Rose evokes feelings of intense attraction, recalling the greatest love stories in history. Tristan and Isolde. Salim and Anarkali. Layla and Majnun. Romeo and Juliet. The fragrance of Rose unites star-crossed lovers, deserving ..

Bakhoor Sandal

AED 150.00
Orders (3)

A sacred scent that traces its origins to the exotic east, Sandalwood is used in rituals to purify the soul. It is an intensely spiritual experience, freeing your mind as you become one with the universe.Look within as you experience a sense of seren..

Bakhoor Patchouli

AED 150.00
Orders (4)

It has fascinated and intrigued us for centuries, traveling over the seas to distant lands. A fragrance that remained for a long time known yet unknown with a name derived from the ancient Tamil language, Patchouli finally receives the credit it dese..

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