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Jannet El Firdaus 6ml Roll On Oil Perfume x6

AED 32.00
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Jannet El Firdaus oil is a radiant mix of aldehydic and fresh notes that smells utterly divine. A bright opening of nose-tingling aldehydes, jasmine, violet, and orange is first to delight. The dry down is mainly musk and wood.Fragrance NotesTOP NOTE..

Sandal 6ml Roll On Oil Perfume x6

AED 32.00
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Sandal Perfume oils underlying femininity come from a rich floral depth that’s sweet but fresh, powerful and pleasing, and simple all at the same time. Its sweetness makes this perfume almost edible, with depth, warmth, and longevity adding to its wi..

Tawasul 6ml Roll On Oil Perfume x6

AED 32.00
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Tawasul Oil Perfume is a light floral scent that is pretty and sweet and is as wearable as it is unique. Its brightness brings out blue skies on even the cloudiest days, with a potent blend of bergamot, Apple, rose, Patchouli, and Oakmoss warm from t..

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Arab Tradition

AED 30.00
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As you take a deep breath, vistas appear before your eyes, inviting you into bustling souqs filled with treasures from the farthest corners of the world and palaces illuminated with the ethereal notes of music and poetry. Experience the traditions of..

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